Here you will find links to levels which other's have made


Lara's Tomb, old haunts
The Crypt of Elahna
The Tomb of Roac (the sequel to The Crypt of Elahna)
First Level
Beyond the warpgate (the sequel to First Level)
The Tomb of Gustav Klimt
Ceaser's Palace
The Caves (from TR1) for The Last Revelation
Lara Croft and the Lost Artifact of Heroic Manliness
The Trench
The Scabarinth
Beneath the Forbidden City
Little City
River of the Sacred Beetle
Angkor Wat
Nuclear Threat
Dark Jungle
Not so Dark Jungle
Gonzo's Level
Lara's Mansion
Water Temple
Area 56
Return to Venice
Genova Prinicpe
Jump Like An Egyptian
The Star of Amilha
Lara's Home
Cave Village
Five Skulls
Five Artifacts
Gustav Klimt
City of Ptah
SAS Strakeout
Palace of the Four Kings
Temple of Darkness
Tutankhamun's Legacy
Tyron Palace
Queen Fufutiti