Tomb Raider - Inventory & Weapons



Item Use Comment
Small Medipack Restore 50% health These are the easiest medipacks to find.
Large Medipack Restore full health These medipacks are more difficult to come by, so use them wisely.
Compass Navigation Aid. The Compass is useful for finding your way around the maze-like tombs.



Weapon Fire rate (out of 5) Comment
Pistols 3 Pistols are Lara's standard weapons. They have unlimited ammo, but don't do much damage. They are very versatile, and work best on weak enemies.
Shotgun 1 A powerful weapon but is best used on strong, slow moving enemies. Ammo is very limited so don't waste.
Magnums 2 They are more powerful than the pistols and there is plenty of ammo for them although they are slow.
Uzis 5 The uzis have an excellent firing rate, although they are not very powerful. They are best used on fast moving enemies.