Tomb Raider V - Inventory & Weapons



Item Use Comment
Small Medipack Restore 50% health These are the easiest medipacks to find.
Large Medipack Restore full health These medipacks are more difficult to come by, so use them wisely.
TimeX TMX Statistics for the current level The Timex TMX grip watch is used to see how far you have travelled in the level you're on, see the level name and see how many secrets you've found.
Binoculars Use to see into the distance You can use the binoculars to zoom in on places in the distance (dash button to zoom in and duck button to zoom out). The best thing about them is that they have a light (action button) so when you come to a dark passage, you can see what's down it first!
Crowbar Many uses The crowbar is one of the most useful items in the inventory, it can be used to open doors, pull levers and get items out of holes in walls.
Laser Sight Combine with weapon for sniping The laser sight can be combined with the Revolver so that it can be used like a sniper's sight. Controls are the same as those of binoculars but the action button will fire a shot.



Weapon Fire rate (out of 5) Comment
Pistols 3 Pistols are Lara's standard weapons. They have unlimited ammo, but don't do much damage. They are very versatile, and work best on weak enemies.
Shotgun 1 A powerful weapon but is best used on strong, slow moving enemies. Ammo is very limited so don't waste.
Revolver 3 The revolver can be combined with the Laser Sight to shoot objects like locks.
Uzis 5 The uzis have an excellent firing rate, although they are not very powerful. They are best used on fast moving enemies.
Desert Eagle 3 The Desert Eagle, is an extremely powerful and versatile weapon which is good for medium range combat.
Grappling hook gun N/A The grappling hook gun is used to reach certain places that you can't normally get to.
Chloroform N/A Sneak up behind an enemy and use the chloroform to silently knock them out!