Tomb Raider: AoD - Credits

Lead Programmer:
Richard FLower

Lead Game Designer:
Richrard Morton

Lead Animator:
Mark Donald

Lead Artist:
Andrea Cordella

Systems Programmers:
Chris coupe
Nell Topham

Animation System:
Richard Flower

Background System:
Alex Davis

Stephane Denis

Player Control System:
Phil Callaghan

Physics Systems:
Ray Tran

FX Programmer:
Dan Scott

Camera Systems Programmers:
Mac Avory
James Graves
Stuart Yarham

Level Scripting:
Paul Field

PC Programmer:
Duncan Hopkins

Phil Chapman
Paschat McGuire
Matt Furniss
Graham Gallagher
Jerr O'Carroll

Matt Charlesworth
Simeon Furniss
Damon Godley
Jerry Oldreive
Ady Smith
Fergus Duggan
Andy Gibson
James Kenny
Darren Price
Wayne Elliott
Herod Gilani
Jamie Morton
David Reading
Gary Tonge

Music Composers:
Martin Iveson & Peter Connelly

Peter Wraight

Performed by:
The London Symphony Orchestra

David Snell

Recorded at:
Abbey Road Studios

Peter Cobbin

Sound effects:
Martin Iveson

Cutscene and FMV Audio:
Peter connelly